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The joy of LEAPing

Leap Phase 4 copy

Our Project Head Raunaq Kalia provides an account of the time he visited a Leap classroom in our Second Phase….


Understanding Enable

Enable Model copy

Project Enable is Becoming I Foundation’s fifth project, and first foray into private schools. This project aims to sensitize school…


Equality vs Affirmative Action – Project Enable


On a bright sunny Saturday morning, when the schools are closed and children prefer to sleep till noon without the worry of missing their school bus or arriving late for the morning assembly- sixty odd young boys and girls from the city gathered at the Alliance Francaise Auditorium to commit themselves to action and learn about the ‘Right To Education Act.’ We may know about the provisions of the RTE but do we really understand the implications for all…


10 Things you Knew but Didn’t Know about Project Leap


1) Project Leap plans on entering 20 low income classrooms in its second phase. Which means creating a positive impact in the lives of about 600 children. 2) From December up till June, the first phase of Project Leap culminated with various talent shows, competitions in schools, mural paintings and song and dance performances. 3) The biggest event of the last phase…




At Becoming I foundation we are amazed by the leadership abilities of young individuals and we constantly support our core team members and volunteers in enhancing their leadership skills…


Sex Markets: The Great Social Divide


Anita was a young Nepalese when at the age of 12, she was lured by a friend, drugged and in that state of utter chaos sold across the border to a brothel owner in Mumbai. She had no idea that…


The Journey


That the journey has been expected would be a blatant lie. That the journey has been enriching would be an understatement. I look back, and I feel amazed…


A Najaf Story


Forced to drop out of school by her parents, Renu could be mistaken for any teenager as she spends her week doing household chores and…