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Blog » Project Enable comes to Bangalore

May 5, 2013

By Rashi Rathi

Project Enable empowers private school students to develop sustainable models that make their schools more inclusive and sensitive to the EWS students coming in through the Right to Education. After a very successful phase in Delhi, Becoming I Foundation is sharing the opportunity to mobilize Project Enable in Bangalore!

Enable team members will engage students in the exploration of social justice, prejudices and social entrepreneurship. The project incorporates workshops, training programs and mentorship sessions in June and will culminate in a student-led summit showcasing the models that have been developed.

Core team members will work under the profiles of Project Coordinators and Content Coordinators, whose profiles are described below.

Project Coordinators will be required to-

1) Enlist schools where Project Enable workshops can be conducted. They will also help with other activities including, but not limited to handling sponsorships and booking of venues.

2) Mentor students and aid them in developing their models. This will entail researching adequately on all related topics and being available for all the workshops, training and mentorship sessions.

3)Attend or conduct sessions.

Content Coordinators  will be required to-

1) Research the various aspects related to the mandate of Project Enable and put together material for the workshops.

2) Develop activities, surveys and all other material for the students to complete between workshops.


A commitment of 12 hours every week from May 15 through June 30 is crucial for those interested in being a part of the Project. A training session will be conducted for those joining the Enable Bangalore Team.

You can be part of the movement by completing the application available here.